Derek French

I write things down in hopes of not forgetting...

Run a command line program from a C Sharp app

I wanted a C Sharp app as a front end to the FFmpeg command-line app for converting MKV videos. This is how I ran FFmpeg silently and parsed the output.

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Timezone adjust between server and client

My hosting server timezone is set to UTC, but I am in Mountain. Finally found an easy way to get times adjusted for my timezone.

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Using cURL as an alternate to PHP copy

My hosting site does not allow the PHP copy command from URLs, so I needed to use cURL.

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PDOException HY093 and quotation marks

PDOException HY093 Invalid parameter number: parameter was not defined - it was the quotation marks' fault!

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PHP Markdown by Michel Fortin

I added PHP Markdown by Michel Fortin to this blog and it was very easy to set up and use.

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